What is the best electric cigarette?

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the best electric cigaretteThere has been a lot of controversy surrounding the electric cigarette since its launch a few years ago with many new to the product not knowing what the best electric cigarette has to offer. So much so that it is quite possibly one of the most questioned, or should i say misunderstood products to come out in recent times.

Now, the electric cigarette is bound to be surrounded in controversy due to it being a device that is designed to deliver nicotine to the user but the thing that annoyed me personally was the amount of rubbish information out there on the net that can be quite misleading. I just hope i can be heard amongst all the chatter!

My name is Jonny Vick, with the help of a number of ex-smokers that have switched to electric cigarettes i hope to bring you top notch information about the latest e cig technologies and also honest brand reviews, we are e cig users here to help other users of smokeless cigarettes. If you are looking at making the switch we hope we can help you make an informed switch by focusing on the best electric cigarette brands currently available.

If, however, you have already switched over then please feel free to share your views, whether you agree or not we want to hear what you have to say!

Our Choice For The Best Electric Cigarette

So, now you know a little about me, back to the title of the post! What is the best electric cigarette? Well a lot of this comes down to personal taste but here are a few questions to keep in your mind when you pick a product.

Will it give me a similar experience to a traditional cigarette? Both in taste and smoke volume?
Do they have a level of nicotine to fit your needs?
Is it the newer two part designed electric cigarette that doesn’t need to be manually refilled? (this is important to us as we don’t want to be messing around with fluids an liquids)
Is there are guarantee or warranty on the product?
Is the customer service responsive?

Our choice for the best electric cigarette is, at the moment, a very close call. The two brands that currently make it to the top of our list are The Safe Cig and Green Smoke. Both of these offer great vapor volume, good taste, good support and the product itself has a quality build and feel. There are numerous accessories that come with both but the main difference between the two is that The Safe Cig is pretty much gimmick free when it comes to vapor flavors. Unlike Green Smoke, who have all kinds of flavors from chocolate to menthol, The Safe Cig concentrates only on tobacco flavored electric cigarettes.

I’ve got to say i like this approach and that is what tips it for me when it comes to the number one spot, they have great selection of strengths to choose from including the nicotine free fluid.

The Best Electric Cigarette Should Offer An Authentic Smoking Experience

When we first tested electric cigarettes it was very important to us to have an authentic experience. Whilst we all know that smoking is bad for you there was also something satisfying about the actual act of smoking. So we wanted an electric cigarette not only to have the taste but to resemble a real cigarette as much as possible. We want to smoke our e cigs out in public but don’t want to sit there with something that resembles a small drain pipe hanging out of my mouth or worst still, secretly dragging on your electric cigarette as if we were smoking something illegal!

So, it goes without saying there are a number of things that can make choosing the best electric cigarette an easy choice for you. One thing is for certain though, if you want to save money while kicking the smoking habit then don’t wait another minute. There has never been a better time to make the switch!

Take a closer look at both our Green Smoke Review and The Safe Cig review together with special offer money off vouchers.

Hopefully we can help you take a step closer to choosing the best electric cigarette for your needs, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below.


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    I am wanting to try e-cigarettes. I hear lots of good things about blu cigs but I am wanting to purchase through a store where I can just pick up instead of waiting the 6 weeks for delivery. Are there any stores that sell e-cigarettes? If so, how much and are they flavored like I’ve seen some advertised? Please only respond if you have purchased and been satisfied with some through the store you are recommending.. Appreciate the tip. I live in fernandina beach, fl..

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