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volcano ecig coupon codeThe Volcano e cig offers a wide variety of products in their range to suit both the experienced e cigarette user to the complete newcomer. Take a look at our latest Volcano E Cig coupon code for 10 % discount off your order.

Unsure what this smokeless cigarette is like? We enjoyed the wide range of options on offer. From the quantity of flavors to the battery designs, you can’t go far wrong.

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Volcano Electronic Cigarettes Overview

The Volcano e-cigarette may sounds like an explosive mixture, yet it is simply exploding with flavor! This satisfying electronic cigarette has no fire, no flame, no harmful second hand smoke and no messy ashes!


The Volcano e-cig is the same size as a traditional cigarette. Two other e-cigs are also offered, which are the Magma and the Inferno, these have larger more powerful batteries.


The Volcano e-cig comes in the most exotic flavors around! Not only is there a regular tobacco and menthol flavor but 8 other popular flavors, including:

•  CooCoo Coconut
• Pineapple Punch
• Cherry Lava
• Vanilla Bean
• Milk Chocolate
• Kona Coffee
• Bluewater Punch
• Waikiki Watermelon


Each cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 1 pack of traditional cigarettes, making the Volcano e-cig a much more economical option.


When you use a Volcano e-cig coupon code with your purchase, you can save money on the price of Volcano e-cig products. Look for a Volcano e-cig coupon code on this page.


Volcano offers a large variety of starter kits, including:

• The Volcano Express Starter Kit$22.99
This kit has been designed specifically for those that are still a little unsure and would like to ‘test drive’ the Volcano e cig before spending big bucks! The kit provides you with 1 battery, 2 flavor cartridges and a USB charger and is a great place to start!

• The Volcano Kit$64.99
This starter kit offers you the Volcano Mini e cig (same size as a real cigarette) and is one of their most popular and contains 2 batteries, 1 V-Pack, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, a pack of 5 cartomizers (you choose strength and flavor) and last but not least a great presentation gift box.

• The Magma Kit$74.99
This is Volcano’s mid size e cig giving you a better battery life and vapor production than the Volcano Kit. Again Volcano offer everything you would expect and this kit has everything you need to start vaping and give you the option to add the Drip kit and the Tank kit to your order.

• The Inferno Kit$74.99
This is the top dog when it comes to the Volcano e cigs! The largest e cig they have on offer giving you some great vaping options. The kit has the bigger longer-lasting battery, 2 batteries (the 650 mah USB pass-through battery AND the 1 1000 mah ultra battery), all the usual charging options. You will have the choice of what type of configuration you would like to setup as well!


Volcano products are shipped via USPS or FedEx to United States customers only. They offer free priority mail shipping for orders over $50, and free FedEx two-day shipping on orders over $100.00. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Orders are usually received within three to five business days, depending on the shipping method and carrier.


Volcano take their customers very seriously and as a result their customer service is top notch. Easy to contact through their website, their forum or social media pages.


There is a one year limited warranty on Volcano products, as usual please check the Volcano website for their latest warranty information!


Volcano are growing to be one of the most popular brands available due to the flexibility they provide with their kits, beginners and seasoned vapers alike will have no problem finding a suitable e cig for them. Remember to use your Volcano e-cig coupon code to save on your order, just click the discount coupon at the top of this page!

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