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V2 E CigsV2 Cigs are receiving rave reviews from a number of sources due to the variety they offer and the Unsure what this smokeless cigarette is like? We really liked what they had to offer and when it comes to an overall high quality product you won’t go far wrong.

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V2 Cigs Overview

V2 cigs are one of the top rated electronic cigarettes on the market today. The products are designed by people who used to smoke; therefore, they know what the smoker is looking for as alternative to the traditional cigarette.

What Are The Advantages Of V2 Cigs?

  • No tar
  • No smoke
  • No ashes
  • No odors

What Flavors Are Available?

V2 comes in many great flavors, including:

• V2 Red American Tobacco Blend – smokers who prefer Marlboro, Basic, Winston, Lucky Strike, Pal-Mal, Doral and Chesterfield are fans of this flavor.

• V2 Congress – This flavor is popular with those who enjoy Benson & Hedges, Viceroy, Marlboro, Parliament, L&M, Kent, and Merit cigarettes.

• V2 Sahara –Turkish Tobacco Flavor – Smokers who prefer Kent, Camel, American Spirit and European cigarettes will enjoy this flavor.

• V2 Menthol – Those who smoke Salem, Kool, Marlboro Menthol, Newport and Basic Menthol prefer this flavor.

• V2 Vanilla – Many people enjoy this flavor, but those who enjoy Swisher Sweets will certainly be a fan of V2 Vanilla!

• V2 Chocolate – Who doesn’t like chocolate?

• V2 Cola – Just about any Cola lover will enjoy V2 Cola flavor.

• V2 Peppermint – Anyone who enjoys peppermint will enjoy this flavor!

• V2 Coffee – Coffee flavor is great for coffee lovers, of course!

• V2 Cherry – Many people enjoy cherry flavor.

What Strengths Are The Cartridges Available In?

• Full – 18 mg.
• Medium – 12 mg.
• Light – 6 mg.
• Zero – 0 mg.

How Much Does The V2 Cigs Starter Kits Cost?

There are many starter kits to choose from, ranging in price from $59.95 to $159.95. There is also a V2 Notebook Cig for $29.95 and V2 Power Cig for $39.95.

Remember to use the V2 Cigs Coupon Code when you place your order.

Who Can Buy V2 Cigs?

Anyone of legal smoking age can purchase V2 cigs.

Where Are V2 Cigs Shipped To?

V2 products are shipped worldwide via FedEx, USPS, or UPS; however, check the laws in your country regarding electronic cigarettes. If these types of products are banned where you live, your package could become seized by customs, and this is not the responsibility of V2 Cigs.

What If I Don’t Like Them?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee on your V2 Cigs purchase. If you are dissatisfied, return the product for a refund or the purchase price, excluding any shipping costs. I can’t see this happening though 🙂

Is It Easy To Get Hold Of Them If There Is A Problem?

The website for V2 Cigs includes live support, plus an 800 number, forums and blogs.

Is There A Warranty?

Yes, V2 Cigs comes with a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing products to be free of defects. This warranty does not cover misuse or loss of the product.


If you are looking for an alternative to smoking, give V2 Cigs a try. Remember to use the V2 Cig Coupon code and save money on your order!

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