Introducing Safe Cig and their Products

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Allow me to introduce you to The Safe Cig. This company is apparently the largest company selling electronic cigarettes in the US. Based in the hills of Hollywood, California, this company owned and operated by a family that funds all their research and the engineering of their products privately.

They have supplied e-cigarettes to the American market for four years now, and pride themselves in providing a world class product to their customers. The company also supports the World Health Organization and is actively involved in campaigns to end tobacco related illnesses and deaths around the world.

What’s Options Do You Have With The Safe Cig

Their product range is based on two main types of smokeless cigarette, the ‘Original’, and the ‘Micro’. For the original, three different starter kits are offered. The basic starter kit includes essentially everything a casual smoker (having no more than the occasional cigarette with a glass of wine while out socializing) will need to switch onto smokeless cigarettes, a battery, a USB charger (compatible with both Mac and PC), a wall charger and, of course, a five-pack of cartridges.

This kit will cost $69.95. The SAfe Cig Starter KitThe Original series’ Starter Kit Pro costs $89.95 and includes the same as the basic kit, plus an additional battery. This kit is perfect for the regular smoker indulging in five to ten cigarettes a day. It allows them to have their nicotine fix while at work without getting into trouble for it.

The company’s Starter Kit Deluxe in the original series consists of 3 Batteries, a car charger, two USB chargers, a wall charger and a so-called Safe Case, as well as two five packs of cartridges in a choice of strengths and flavors. The Safe Case comes in a choice of four different colors and a unique design according to personal preference or taste.

This kit, suitable for heavy smokers who wish to be prepared at all times, comes at a price of $137.95. A pack of five refills for the Original e-cigarette costs $12.50 and comes in a choice of three flavors, namely Traditional, Classic Tobacco or Menthol. The nicotine strength can equally be chosen, and options range from 24 mg Full Flavor, 18 mg High and 14 mg Medium to 11 mg Light, 6 mg Ultra Light and 0 mg Nicotine-Free strengths. This, of course, offers a great opportunity to gradually reduce strengths until eventually no more nicotine will be craved.

It is also possible to get a range of additional accessories, such as a Safe Case for $12.95, a spare battery at the price of $29.95, USB chargers at $12.95 or a new wall charger at the cost of $19.95. A car charger will cost $19.95, while the black spare battery comes at a hefty $39.95.

The Safe Cig Micro

the safe cig microThe Safe Cig Micro packs all contain two batteries, a charger and seven refills. They are just as effective as the original, while being a little shorter in size. They are all also only available in one strength, 18 mg nicotine.

Each pack will cost $59.95. The difference between the packs, 13 packs in total, lies in the flavor combination’s used within them. Each pack has a particular blend, to suit varying tastes. The packs are designated as Traditional, Classic, Menthol, Brazilian and Colombian, Madagascar or Madrid, followed by the Mandalay, Moroccan and Royale packs.

The Saharan, Trinidad and Turkish packs complete the line-up. The refills for the Micro Packs come in packs of seven, are available in all the Micro Pack flavor blends and will cost $16.95 per pack. Accessories include the Micro Battery, costing $24.95, the USB charger at $12.95 and a wall charger at $19.95. A car charger and a Euro wall charger (Two-pin) are also available at $19.95 each.

The Safe Cig Health And Safety Standards

I should also mention here that all of The companies products are certified with both CE and ROHS Certificates. The CE certifies that EU consumer health, safety and/ or environmental requirements have been met.

The RoHS regulates and/ or restricts use of particular hazardous substances in electronics and electrical devices containing more than agreed levels of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, PBB (polybrominated biphenyl) and PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether) flame retardants. ROHS certified companies are known to comply with these regulations.

In other words, the company offer first class products that are safe to use and will not harm their customers in any way. They do, by the way, also point out that nicotine is addictive and that according to the FDA, the e-cigarettes are not classed as devices to assist in giving up smoking, but merely as alternatives to smoking tobacco. Say what you will, they can not get fairer than that.

Although the prices may appear relatively high at first glance, they are very competitive when compared to other, similar products and will certainly help to save thousands of dollars in the long run. Think this smokeless cigarettes might be the one for you?  

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    Can you try a E-cig without ever smoking a real cigarette?

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      If you smoke and want an alternative then try an e-cig. If you don’t smoke then DON’T buy an e-cig as they contain nicotine and this is addictive!

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