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The Safe Cig Micro Review: Arrival Of The Smaller Battery!

the safe cig micro review

If you have been searching around the available smokeless cigarettes available then it is likely you have heard of the brand ‘The Safe Cig’.

Our review of the original product was glowing and rightly so as it really was very good. Due to this we were exited with the arrival of the new Safe Cig Micro and couldn’t wait to try it out!

We bought the Classic Micro pack which is one of the original flavors that we had also used for our original Safe Cig review.

The kit we bought cost $59.95, $10 less than the entry level kit available with the original Safe Cig.

Anyway enough of that… lets take a look at what it’s like!


The Safe Cig Micro Packaging

The Safe Cig MicroThe first difference you will see with The Safe Cig Micro is in the packaging. Rather than a presentation type box, the Micro packaging is based on a traditional cigarette packet.

There are pro’s and cons for this, the positives are that the box is compact, same size as a 20 pack, they have 8 slots inside to fit 3 full electronic cigarettes and 5 cartomizers. In addition there is a small compartment that slides out of the side of the pack that houses the USB charger.

Everything fits nicely in your pocket ready to go.

The downsides of the pack for me however is how long this will last. It is made from card and even though it feels a lot sturdier than a traditional pack i can see with continued use in and out of your pocket it may start to fall apart.

I would have liked to see a hard case here maybe as once it is worn out i don’t really want to be buying a full kit again, i just want to top up my cartomizers. Maybe even a chargeable case, like the one Eversmoke offer, would be a great addition to The Safe Cig range as a whole.

This isn’t a deal breaker though and as it is still good.



The Safe Cig ComparisonThe Safe Cig Micro battery measures just short of 2 1/2 inches, about 1/2 inch shorter than the original.

It isn’t just the length that is impressive though, it’s the overall width and weight as well. It is the closest size to a real cigarette that I have tried.

When it comes to the responsiveness the Micro does a great job. Not as good as the original but for it’s size it still reacts very well when you drag. I did need a couple of ‘primer’ drags to get it firing properly but that doesn’t bother me too much.

The battery life is obviously shorter on the Micro but as you get 2 batteries supplied it is easy to alternate and always have a fully charged battery waiting to go.

Overall – For the size and weight of the battery i was impressed



The Safe Cig Micro FlavorsThe Safe Cig Micro pack that i chose was the original flavor, they are now available in an impressive 14 flavors (at the time of writing).

As well as the 3 original flavors you also have the choice of Moroccan, Turkish, Colombian, Brazilian amongst others that are all based on different countries and their tobacco flavors, yep I know…state the obvious!

The only difference is that the Micro is currently only available in the 18mg strength. I smoke Marlboro Gold and I find these are maybe a little stronger than what I would normally go for but I have found myself taking less drags on the Micro.

As for the vapor, there is still decent volume despite the downsize, it produces less than the original, again this is to be expected with the battery size.

Overall – Again I was happy with the flavor but would have liked to have a little more vapor volume, this is a sacrifice you will have to make though if you want an e cig that is the same size as a regular cigarette.


The Safe Cig Micro Kits

The Safe Cig Micro kitThere is only one option for starting out with the Safe Cig Micro and that is the pack with the 2 batteries and 7 cartomizers. The USB charger as mentioned above is housed in a neat side compartment.

The pack includes everything you need to get started.

You can choose from any of the available flavors and they all cost the same $59.95. You can also order extra batteries and the flavors separately if you decide you want to try a variety of flavors.


Money Back Guarantee/Warranty

Safe Cig offers a 30-day Satisfaction guarantee on starter kits and a lifetime warranty on each component and accessory for the e-cig (except the disposable atomizer refill). With proof of purchase, they will replace the defective part(s). The warranty does not cover loss, improper use, or inadequate maintenance of the product. It is recommended to check their website for the latest, upto date information.


Promotions/Discount Coupons

See top of this page for The Safe Cig coupon code. There is currently a 5% discount available to customers!


Summary – Is The Safe Cig Micro Recommended

For me, The Safe cig Micro lived upto the high expectations i had for it. The size of the smokeless cigarette is one of the closest I have seen to the real thing, they have done a great job at making the experience an easy transition.

Luckily none of the downsizing has any detrimental effect on the way the e-cig functions as it Still produces good vapor volume. The only thing I would say is, if you are a very heavy user, you may find the battery doesn’t last as long as you would like. If this is a big factor in your buying decision then I would buy additional batteries or go for one of the original Safe Cig starter kits. If this is not that big of an issue for you then this is a great buy.


Final Safe Cig Micro Review Verdict

The Safe Cig Micro Is Highly Recommended By

The Safe Cig Micro Review, 4.4 out of 5 based on 1 rating
One Response to “The Safe Cig Micro Review”

  1. Kim says:  
    Vapor Production
    Build Quality
    Customer Service
    Shipping Speed
    Batteries, flavor, long-lasting cartomizers,good selection of flavors and strength, fast shipping, free shipping, fabulous warranty
    Poor customer service
    Bottom Line

    I guess this is a moot point since the company seems to have folded. February 5, 2013

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