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the safe cig micro reviewThe Safe Cig Company is a family-owned and operated business, with headquarters in California, and was the first company to introduce the electronic cigarette to America. The Safe Cig name accurately describes their product, because the electronic cigarette is safe.

There’s no fire, no smoke, no odor, and no harmful health risks to users or those around them. Therefore, the Safe Cig is a smoking option to enjoy practically anywhere.  Now, Safe Cig has come up with another first – the Safe Cig Micro Electronic cigarette – the world’s smallest e-cigarette!

The Safe Cig Micro Appearance

The appearance of the Safe Cig micro electronic cigarette is much like a traditional cigarette. The micro electronic cigarette comes in a cardboard box that looks just like a regular pack of cigarettes. The main body of the e-cig is white and the atomizer and cartridge are housed in a standard looking filter.

Because the Safe Cig Micro Electronic cigarette is packaged like traditional cigarettes, it makes the transition to the electronic cigarette even easier. You’ll feel just like you have a traditional pack of cigarettes, yet you’ll actually have a safer, and more economical, electronic cigarette.

Safe Cig Micro Flavors

The Safe Cig brand originally had 3 flavors, including traditional (a robust flavor), classic (lighter than traditional) and menthol, but now they have added 10 additional flavors with the introduction of their micro electronic cigarette. The new flavors have rather sophisticated names and do not market children.  Flavors include:

– Traditional
– Classic
– Menthol
– Brazilian
– Columbian
– Madagascar
– Madrid
– Moroccan
– Mandalay
– Royale
– Saharan
– Trinidad
– Turkish

Safe Cig Micro Vapor and Battery

The Safe Cig electronic cigarette was made to have a high vapor volume to simulate smoke from a cigarette. This is important to the smoker, as this gives them the feeling of  smoking a traditional cigarette.  With the Safe Cig Micro electronic cigarette, even more vents have been added to the base, to give a smoother draw and create even better vapor.

The battery in the Safe Cig Micro electronic cigarette is equipped with a microchip to monitor the performance of the device for optimum operation.  When the Micro e-cig is not in use, the battery goes into standby mode to preserve battery life. The battery in the micro safe cig typically lasts for about 2 hours, because of the smaller size of the battery.  Therefore, it’s important to carry the battery charger with you when you’ll be away from home for any extended amount of time.

Starter Kit

The starter kit for the Safe Cig Micro Electronic Cigarette is just $59.95 and includes:

– 7 (18-mg.) refills (1 refill cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes)
– 2 batteries
– 1 charger

When ordering Safe Cig, look for offers and promotions on their website, which can give you significant price discounts. Just click the “Promtions” link on their site for the latest offers.

When choosing an electronic cigarette, the Safe Cig Micro electronic cigarette is one you’ll want to consider.  This company has had four successful years in business, so you know they must sell a good quality product that’s both reliable and effective. The Safe Cig Company has improved their product to give the smoker all the qualities they are looking for in an e-cigarette, and the new micro electronic cigarette, with 10 added flavors, is exactly what many are looking for in an electronic cigarette.

To see our in depth Safe Cig Micro Review Click Here


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