Do Smokeless Cigarettes Increase Productivity at Work?

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Smokeless cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes”, are battery-powered devices that are designed to look much like traditional tobacco-filled cigarette.  The electronic cigarette uses a nicotine (or a non-nicotine cartridge), which when inhaled by the smoker, produces a vapor, which looks very similar to tobacco smoke. These electronic cigarettes have strengths and flavors similar to conventional cigarettes, including lights, full-flavored, regular and menthol, and simulate the act of smoking, which is quite appealing to the smoker.

The smokeless cigarette was first introduced in 2004, and they have quickly become a very popular product. Because they are battery powered, and not lit, there is no dangerous fire or flame, and no harmful smoke is actually present, meaning no second-hand smoke, one of the main reasons traditional smoking is banned in most public places. And, since electronic cigarettes can be used in many public places where traditional cigarettes are no longer allowed, many smokers have switched to the smokeless cigarette.

How Smokeless Cigarettes Have Increased Productivity

Workplace productivity has increased thanks to e-cigarette, because smokers no longer need to leave their work area to enjoy a cigarette.  They can enjoy the safe e-cigarette while they work.  And because smokers are constantly on edge, with their focus distracted away from their work as they anxiously count the minutes until they can finally take a break, cigarette smokers sometimes aren’t as productive as they should be. Now, whenever they feel the urge to smoke, they can enjoy an e-cigarette, which quickly and effectively takes away those feelings of anxiety, allowing them to concentrate on their job.

Because smoking in the workplace is practically unheard of these days, the smart manager certainly doesn’t mind the use of the electronic cigarette. There’s no flame, therefore, no fire hazard, no messy ashes, and no harmful second-hand smoke.  And, the non-smoking coworkers are pleased because non-smokers generally feel that smokers are wasting too much time on breaks, going outside or to some other designated smoking area, to smoke a cigarette.  They resent the smoker, feeling like they are allowed longer or more frequent breaks. The smoker who switches to the electronic cigarette will no longer be resented by the non-smoker, because the non-smoker will no longer feel that the smoker is wasting time on smoke breaks.

Another way the smokeless cigarette has helped to increase workplace productivity is the fact that the electronic cigarette is not full of toxic chemicals that frequently cause illnesses.  Cigarettes have a lengthy list of harmful chemicals, and the smoker’s health is greatly affected by cigarettes, with their “cocktail” of toxic chemicals.

A study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that from 1997-2001, smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke resulted in $92 billion in lost productivity annually in the United States; and in a 2004-2005 study, they found smokers were more likely to miss 5 or more days work in the past month than non-smokers (4.2 vs. 3.0%) A smoker is prone to ear infections, pleurisy, colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, a host of other illnesses.  By switching to healthier smokeless cigarettes, the smoker’s health improves and therefore, fewer days are missed from work, resulting in increased productivity.

There’s no doubt that smokeless cigarettes have increased productivity in the workplace. Not only are smokers not sitting at their desks, unable to concentrate while they count the minutes until their break, or lingering around on their breaks trying to get just a “few more puffs”, they also are healthier, and it just stands to reason that healthier people are more likely to be at work, rather than at the doctor’s office or home in bed.

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