Smokeless Cigarettes Christmas Gift Guide

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Do you have a friend or family member that is a long term smoker? Want them to try something different as an alternative to smoking tobacco?

Maybe you already know someone that uses smokeless cigarettes?

Either way an e cig starter kit can be a great gift this holiday season.

Take a look at the SCD top picks:

#1 The Safe Cig Micro – $59.95

The Safe Cig MicroThe good points: As the name suggests, The Safe Cig Micro is indeed a compact e cig that is similar in size to a normal cigarette. The batteries and cartomizers are kept nicely in a cigarette box that also has a ‘slide out’ compartment on the side that houses the USB charger.

We really liked the ‘Classic’ flavour and with the good amount of vapour it produces, top marks! This is the new kid on the block for The Safe Cig brand who manage to squeeze the great qualities of their original Safe Cig product into a smaller package.

Who is The Safe Cig Micro perfect for?

  • Those that want to keep a low key look to their smokeless cigarette
  • Those that want a brand that concentrates on high quality tobacco flavors
  • Those that need a portable e cig kit that will fit in your pocket

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#2 Green Smoke – $129

Green Smoke Electronic CigaretteThe Good Points: Green Smoke has been at the forefront of quality e cig production since the brand began. You will notice that they certainly aren’t the cheapest way to get started with vaping but they do offer a lot for your money as you will see from the Green Smoke starter kit.

You get 2 batteries (long and short) that both allow for excellent vapour volume, one USB e cig – great to use whilst at your desk on the computer, no need for charging this battery! Full charger kit and 10 Flavormax cartomizers that will give you the equivalent of about 15 packs of cigarettes!

The presentation packaging looks impressive so will surely impress the lucky person you are buying for. Luckily it’s not just a ‘pretty face’, it has the quality inner workings that helps this e cig rank amongst the best.

Who is this Green Smoke perfect for?

    • Someone that would like a variety of flavors (tobacco, Mocha, Chocolate, Menthol, and Vanilla)
    • Someone that wants an e cig brand with a great track record and customer service
    • Someone wanting the safety net of a money back guarantee
    • Someone who is new to smokeless cigarettes, they are very easy to use

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#4 Volcano Inferno: $74.99

Volcano Inferno E CigaretteThe Good Points: The battery power the Infero comes with is one of the best out there, delivered with both a 650mAH and 1000mAH battery that will keep you going for a long time! Depending on the options you choose you can also find yourself with drip tips, Tank-o-mizer and a huge selection of 29 flavors to pick from.

Who The Volcano Inferno is perfect for?

    • Those that are already using smokeless cigarettes and want something that has different options to improve their vaping experience.
    • Those that want more performance but don’t mind a little more work to get the results
    • Those that like a choice of flavors. Does coconut, cherry, peach or pineapple do it for you?

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#5 South Beach Smoke: $29.99

south beach smoke premium kitThe Good Points: South Beach Smoke offers an entry level 3 piece e cigarette as well as the 2 piece designs that are becoming more common place today. The only difference is that the atomizer comes as a separate piece. Although the 3 piece wouldn’t be a first choice for us the premium starter kit comes with all you need to try out vaping at a very reasonable price!

Who the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit is perfect for?

    • Those on a budget that want to try e-cigs
    • Those that want a good selection of flavors including tobacco, cherry, chocolate and vanilla.

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Still confused?

We get how difficult it can be making a choice when it comes to buying e cigarettes, afterall there are what seems to be hundreds of brands appearing every month! The ones listed above are all great picks but are by no means the only e cigarette products available on the market. Take a little time to look through our full reviews and get the information you need. Once you have made a choice then be sure to take advantage of the available discount coupon codes that SCD has listed for each brand!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy holidays from all at!


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