Refill E Cig Liquid Vs Disposable E Cigarette Cartridges

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Electronic cigarettes, both the refillable variety and pre-made cartridges, are starting to come in the public eye more than ever before. The rise in popularity is due to a large number of converts from traditional tobacco to smokeless electronic cigarettes.  

There are however a lot of alternatives when choosing among Electronic cigarettes, including how the cartridges are designed and whether or not the cartridges are refillable. The post today focuses on the pros and cons of Refillable Electronic cigarettes over the widely advertised disposable cartridges or cartomizers.

Refillable Electronic cigarettes – Pros

Refillable Electronic cigarettes consist of the usual battery, atomizer or cartridge and a flavour juice which can be home mixed or purchased with the desired strength of nicotine and flavour ready to drip into the atomiser or cartridge refill material. It goes without saying that this can give the individual refilling their own Electronic cigarettes a lot more flexibility in flavours, strengths and manufacturers of their electronic cigarettes, than with e-cig disposable kits.

So let’s examine some of the pros of refillable Electronic cigarettes.

•    Cost is lower for refillable Electronic cigarettes than for cartomizers or cartridges. Per puff the refillable Electronic cigarettes will generally result in a far less expensive refill.
•    There is a great deal of flexibility in so far as flavours and nicotine strengths. If the e cig user doesn’t like the flavours offered by one company they can simply switch refills to another company.
•    Many refillable Electronic cigarettes fans mix their own flavours and strengths. Electronic cigarettes refill kits can be ordered with the nicotine juice, the suspension liquid, and the flavours individually.
•    Almost any well known brand of electronic cigarette can be refilled. This broadens the choices available for the smokeless cigarette user. For instance, if a smokeless cigarette user likes the looks of their current e-cig but wants a change in flavours they can switch to refillable juices, refill their existing cartridges and have a much wider choice in flavours and strengths.
•    The standard suspension liquid for the e cig nicotine is propylene glycol. Some rare individuals are allergic to this carrier liquid and find that vegetable glycol is a better choice. Users of proprietary brands of electronic cigarettes might have no choice but to switch to another brand of electronic cigarette using the alternate base. Refillable Electronic cigarettes users however, simply order a different liquid base and carry on enjoying their smokeless experience.
•    Often electronic cigarette smokers move beyond the mere looks of their Electronic cigarettes and start searching for longer battery life, more puffs, and refills that can last the whole day. Refillable Electronic cigarettes offer this flexibility.
•    Refillable Electronic cigarettes do not necessarily require buying a new cartridge or cartomizer each time the unit is exhausted. This results in
Admittedly a lower cost and more choices are some very compelling pros for refillable cigarettes over disposable cartridges or cartomizers. On the other hand, no product is perfect and there are some equally strong negatives for some people. Let’s take a look at the negative side of the coin.

The Negatives To Using Refillable E cig Liquid

•    Refilling cartridges or cartomizers can be time consuming (it actually takes only a minute for each). Many customers are used to the convenience of disposable cigarettes which require no preparation before use.
•    Many people who use electronic cigarettes are not comfortable re-using cartridges.
•    Refillable ecigs are not as commonly available as disposable brands and must be ordered online or mail ordered. One doesn’t necessarily know or recognize the companies making these brands.
•    Not all refillable ecigs (proprietary types) are made to emulate the standard tobacco burning cigarette closely. This can put off some novice electronic cigarette users on the other hand, these brands are built for battery endurance and vapour production.

Summing  It Up – Refillable Electronic cigarettes VS Disposable

Refillable Electronic cigarettes are less expensive. They are extremely configurable to the user’s tastes and lifestyle and also allow the smokeless cigarette user to switch from proprietary brands to mix their own. Refills for Electronic cigarettes also reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by reusing cartridges rather than tossing them away after one use.

On the other hand most smokers are conditioned to the traditional tobacco cigarette that is used once and tossed into the garbage after. Many people feel they are too busy to bother with refilling cartridges. Some smokeless cigarette users are not comfortable with reusing cartridges and prefer a fresh one for each use.

Only the e cig user can decide whether refilling electronic cigarettes will fit into their lifestyle. However, one thing is certain any choice which doesn’t involve adding tars and toxic residues to the air (and the smoker) is usually a good one when compared to burning tobacco.


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  1. magento says:

    A cool blog post right there mate . Thanks for it !

  2. Davey Tarver says:

    Can you refill a regular cartridge for a brand like blu e cigarettes with temporary cartridges with smoke juice? What is the proper way to accomplish this procedure? Any suggestion(s) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  3. tom says:

    good summary. hey, any way to rank by affordability? Looking to purchase a refillable anything for a friend, but would like something in the $10-15 range. (refillable so I can show him some good juice)

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