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UPDATE: There has been a lot of bad things said about the way Prado has gone about their business, check out the reports linked to below before purchasing. In fact, with so many top quality smokeless cigarette businesses out there i would recommend you steer clear of this brand for the moment.

Prado Electronic Cigarette!

The Prado electronic cigarette gives the lie to the old adage that “there’s no smoke without fire”. Well, almost. Draw on it and it’ll feel and taste just like the smoke from a conventional cigarette, watch it and it’ll look just like a cloud of smoke, too. In fact, that “smoke” is nothing more than harmless water vapor – because, of course, there is no fire. No smoke means no carcinogens to damage your health or annoy those around you. No fire means no ash, odor, or the frantic search for somewhere to put out those spent cigarette butts.

Electric cigarettes – or e-cigarettes, as they’re also known – have only been on the market for the past three years or so, yet, according to some reports, a Google search returns more than 5 million results! Included amongst these is one of the very newest brands, the Prado electronic cigarette. It’s so new, in fact, that by acting fast and with a bit of effort, you might be able to track done one of their new free trial offers. So what’s special about the Prado electronic cigarette?


We’d have to say that Prado do not make the cheapest e-cigarette available. However, a cartridge for cartridge comparison is made slightly more difficult by the fact that the starter packs for the Prado electronic cigarette come in packs of 17 whereas most others are offered in packs of five. Whichever way you cut it, though, these e-cigarettes still cost around 75% less than regular, tobacco-filled cigarettes.


Perhaps it is because the Prado is so new to the market, but it has to be said that the website still leaves something to be desired. Broken links to the online store, for example, are unlikely to instill a great deal of consumer confidence.

Look and feel

Nevertheless, when you do manage to get hold of these e-cigarettes, the look and feel of them is reassuringly familiar – a white “body” (containing the rechargeable lithium ion battery) and a brown-colored “filter” (housing the stainless steel atomizer and nicotine – or nicotine-free – cartridge). In other words, they give every appearance of being a regular, conventional cigarette.

Everything you need to get started comes in an attractive and elegant-looking presentation box which can double as a carrying case – something in which to store a battery or batteries, spare cartridges, atomizer, wall charger and even a USB charger (so that your e-cigarettes are as thoroughly portable as your laptop or other device).

Vapor volume

One of the essentials for a good e-cigarette, of course, is the vapor volume it generates in the process of the atomizer vaporizing the fluid in the cartridge. This smokeless vapor helps the user to feel the sensation of “smoking” and gives the appearance of “smoke” from an authentic, “regular” cigarette. Difficulties in actually obtaining the Prado electronic cigarette make testing it on this score somewhat less reliable, although users have reported a satisfyingly authentic volume of vapor.

Taste and flavor

There’s a similar difficulty in judging the satisfaction you are likely to get from the taste and flavor produced by the Prado cartridge. So far, there seem to have been too few reviewers to gain a very widespread verdict and the website is notably silent on the range of flavors likely to be available – or, indeed, the levels of nicotine it is possible to select. Once again, however, the few reviews that have so far been given, suggest that Prado offers a generally satisfying alternative to regular cigarettes on this score too.

The advantages

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the Prado electronic cigarette claims – along with practically every other brand – that it is the “best” on the market. As we’ve suggested, at this relatively early stage in its marketing, this is a difficult claim to verify. Nevertheless, it offers the same sort of advantages as the rest of the field:

The user is likely to gain the same sense of satisfaction as in smoking a regular, “real” cigarette;

Drawing on the Prado electronic cigarette delivers a tobacco-flavored dose of nicotine to the user’s lungs;

But all that is exhaled is a harmless water vapor that nevertheless feels and looks just like smoke;

There’s no real smoke, no fire, no ash, no stinking smell, no yellow teeth and no foul breath;

The exhaled water vapor contains no noxious carcinogens or carbon monoxide, so is harmless both to the “smoker” and to those around him or her;

This makes it acceptable for the Prado electronic cigarette, therefore, to be used in places where smoking would otherwise be banned (bars and restaurants, at work, at the beach or even on airplanes, for example).


Our review of this product suggests that it’s still early days yet – after all, the market in e-cigarettes has mushroomed in such a short space of time. All things considered, however, once any teething troubles with the marketing and the website have been ironed out, the Prado electronic cigarette could well be a product to watch – and to “smoke” – in the future. For now though i would stick with one of the other brands we have covered such as Green Smoke, The Safe Cig and South Beach Smoke.

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