Murray Kessler, CEO of Lorillard Tobacco Speaks About Their Purchase Of Blu Cigs

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In the past few weeks the news of Blucigs acquisition by Lorillard for $135 million has been the talking point of of the electronic cigarette community.

There has been limited said, officially, about the buy out until now. Ecigadvanced got the opportunity to talk to Murray Kessler about why they entered the e cigarette market and what their plans are.

The interview can be seen here.

Key Takeaways from the interview

– They carried out a lot of research before entering the market and were impressed with the quality controls that were in place at Blu Cigs

– They see e cigarettes being a huge industry

– Regulation is coming for e cigarettes and they will look to add to the quality control process

– They want to regulate nicotine content, batteries, e-liquid production and have a transparent product

– They want to increase the availability of Blu Cigs in the retail marketplace and have invested heavily in this

– They don’t want to change the product

– They don’t want to shut down the product or stunt its growth

– They are looking to work closely with the FDA

– Has worries over State regulations and wants to improve education at state level about e cigarettes

– Won’t be making health claims

– Sees e cigarettes as the best form of smokeless cigarettes

– Would like to see Blu Cigs move away from the ‘cigarette lookalike’ product

– Sees massive technological improvements over the next few years

So, all is looking very positive!

Let us know what your take on this interview is, would love to hear your views!



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