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Luci Review: the sleek black (or white) e-cigarette

Any review of the Luci electronic cigarette is likely to open with a description of its sleek black appearance, all the way from its illuminated glowing tip to the all-in-one filter. Although it’s also available all in white, the design in elegant black tends to steal the show.

Despite the light, thin and sleek design, however, the Luci electronic cigarette still manages to pack inside the features common to all e-cigarettes:

  • a Lithium Ion battery;
  • an atomizer: and
  • a cartridge containing the flavoring solution of nicotine (or a nicotine-free substitute).

Getting started

luci starter kitIn addition to the kits containing all three of these components, however, Luci gives you an excellent opportunity of trying this e-cigarette before you buy. This comes in the shape of an affordably-priced disposable cigarette that is ready to use straight from the packet – no battery-charging or removable cartridge is necessary. Each disposable cigarette gives the equivalent of almost a full pack of regular cigarettes – certainly enough for you to decide whether to progress to your first full starter kit.

Furthermore, when you do decide to buy, the prior purchase of a disposable version will give you a 10% discount on the price of your chosen starter kit. Your experience with the disposable Luci electronic cigarette will probably guide your choice of the best starter kit for you – there are no less than four to choose from (ranging from a fairly basic kit to the “Complete Starter Kit”, which contains everything you could possibly need, including the equivalent of some 100 packs of conventional cigarettes).

Furthermore, you can buy anyone of these starter kits with the confidence of knowing that if you have made a rash decision or unless you are completely satisfied with the product, you can claim your full money back within 30 days of purchase.

Buyer protection is made all the more robust thanks to the 100% security of any financial transaction you’re making through Luci’s website and the fact that the products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Click Here To Visit The Luci E Cig Website

Calculating your savings

Before you buy your Luci electronic cigarettes, there’s a very handy “savings calculator” built into the website. Using this, you need only key two pieces of information: the price you’re currently paying for a packet of regular cigarettes; and the number of cigarettes you generally smoke each day. The calculator will then tell you how much you are spending at the moment and how much you are likely to save each year by switching to Luci electronic cigarettes (and you’ll see that you don’t have to be a particularly heavy smoker to be saving nearly $2,000 a year).

Flavor and taste

In addition to the elegant appearance, there’s a certain confidence in the relatively limited range of tastes and flavors offered by the Luci electronic cigarette. Whilst other brands have a seemingly endless list of fruit and chocolate flavors, for example, Luci has just full-flavor tobacco, menthol, cherry and coffee. Similarly, nicotine levels come as just “regular”, “light” or “no nicotine”.

Whatever your choice of nicotine level or flavor, each cartridge tip should last for the equivalent of around 15 regular cigarettes. You can buy the replacement cartridges in packs of 5 (the equivalent of 75 regular cigarettes), 25 (375 regular cigarettes) or 50 (750 regular cigarettes).

Help in quitting the habit … ?

In common with other brands of e-cigarette, the Luci electronic cigarette is designed to provide all the flavor, taste and sensation of a regular cigarette, but without the smoke, odor, ash or discomfort to those around you. In other words, the electric cigarette simulates every facet of the conventional cigarette and continues to give smokers the satisfaction they crave – without the health risks and mess formerly associated with smoking.

Although they’re every bit as satisfying as regular cigarettes, however, it is interesting that a number of the testimonials on the website refer to the effectiveness of the Luci electronic cigarette in helping smokers to quit the habit altogether. This is an interesting and somewhat unusual sales angle, of course, and one that seems not to have pursued by other manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.

… but a not of caution

However, the manufacturers are also honest enough to warn that the Luci electronic cigarette is not intended to be something with which to “kick the habit”. In fact, if you are already using other nicotine-replacement solutions, the e-cigarette is not for you, since there could be a danger of your ingesting too much nicotine.

Other groups of people who should not use the product are pregnant or breast-feeding women, anyone under the age of 18, anyone allergic to nicotine or the ingredients of other inhalants, or those suffering from medical conditions or diseases. If you are in any doubt, of course, you would do well to consult your health care provider before using e-cigarettes.


Once you’ve bought one of the starter kits and settled into regular enjoyment of the Luci electronic cigarette, the website makes it easy to purchase any extra supplies or replacement parts you might need.

Taste and flavor for the smoking experience comes from the competitively-priced cartridges which we’ve already mentioned. But you can also buy additional, rechargeable batteries (perhaps you want to keep one or more on charge whilst another remains in use, for example); replacement atomizers (which contain the small heating element that atomizes the fluid in the cartridge); a standard wall charger for recharging the Lithium Ion battery or batteries at home; a USB charger, to let you recharge the battery through your computer or other portable device; or a stylish carrying case in which to store everything you’ll need for the enjoyment of your electric cigarettes.

The verdict

If you are looking for an attractive and elegantly-styled alternative to smoking and enjoy the taste, flavor and nicotine buzz of a conventional cigarette, without the noxious fumes, messy waste and odor, the Luci electronic cigarette could be just the product for you.

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