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south beach smokeSouth Beach Smoke is a BBB accredited company based in Miami, Florida. They have been in the business of developing, manufacturing and selling e-cigarettes since June 2010.

Their products include two main types of e-cigarettes, namely the two-piece and the three-piece e-cigarette. The two-piece e-cigarette is the newer of the two types and, although a little more expensive overall, will provide a superior ‘smoking’ quality.

Essentially, the three piece type has a separate reusable atomizer that has to be cleaned when cartridges are changed to ensure optimal performance. The two piece e-cigarette has the atomizer combined with the cartridge (this is called a cartomizer) and therefore a new atomizer with each cartridge, ensuring perfect performance at all times without the need to clean anything.

What Does South Beach Smoke Offer?

The company offers a range of starter packs reflecting these two types. The Premium Starter Kit includes a Battery (Premium Lithium Ion), an atomizer, a wall charger (portable) and six nicotine cartridges (equivalent to six packs of cigarettes), as well as a Gas Rebate Certificate ($100). This kit is for the three-piece electronic cigarette.The normal price for this pack is $59.99.

The Deluxe Starter Kit, meant for the two-piece e-cigarette, costs $99.99 and includes a Battery and a long Extra-Capacity Battery, a wall charger and naturally a pack of five nicotine cartomizers (cartridges and atomizers combined). These are equivalent to up to eight packs of regular cigarettes. This pack also includes the Gas Rebate Certificate shown for the Premium Kit.

The Premium Plus Kit includes all of the articles contained within the Premium Kit, as well as a USB charger, a car adapter for the USB Charger and a carrying case. This pack will cost $104.99.

The Deluxe Plus Starter Kit has the same additions – the USB charger, the car adaptor and the carrying case – and comes at a price of $144.99.

A Premium refill pack provides 15 refill cartridges and costs $34.99. The refills are available in tobacco, menthol, cherry, chocolate or vanilla flavors. It is also possible to get a variety pack containing one cartridge of each flavor for $13.89.

It should be mentioned that prices will be reduced for bulk orders. Becoming a South Beach Smoke member (see website for details), will further reduce prices.

The same applies to the cartridges for the Deluxe (two-piece) e-cigarettes. Again, each pack contains 15 refills, and they are available in the same flavors as above. Because the atomizers are included in the cartridges, they are priced at $39.99.

Accessories for the Premium (three-piece) set include a wall charger priced at $19.99, a USB charger at $17.99 with a car adapter at $14.99 and two-packs of atomizers at $19.99, a carry case at $17.99 and spare batteries at $39.99 each.

The accessories for the Deluxe kit include the same basic items – USB and wall chargers, car adapter and case – at the same prices, except for the battery, which is priced at $49.99 for this set-up.

These prices very much mirror prices on other, similar products and, even though they may see high initially, will ultimately save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars within a year or so. While it may be a little difficult to have this initial outlay, it will be repaid within a few weeks of not having to purchase any ordinary cigarettes.


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