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Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 16.11.26


AEMSA – An Association Dedicated To Ensuring E-Liquid Standards Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:09:25 +0000 AEMSAHave you ever considered switching from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette but wondered what you may really be buying, and consuming? After all, how do you know what is really in e-liquid used in e-cigs, and how do you know that it’s actually safe for human consumption, in a world where crazy concoctions like synthetic marijuana (known as K2) and bath salts are sold and consumed by the buyer with sometimes deadly consequences? Thanks to the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, or AEMSA, you can put aside your fears.

AEMSA is an organization comprised solely of volunteers who are dedicated to setting standards for the safe manufacturing of e-liquids. The main goal of AEMSA, or at least one of their main goals, is to gain the consumer’s confidence and trust that they are purchasing a product that is safely and accurately manufactured
by professionals in a safe and sanitary setting. In’s own words:

“Our members believe we have a responsibility to self-regulate the e-liquid manufacturing process based on professional criteria. AEMSA aims to accomplish this by creating, implementing and upholding standards for the manufacture of e-liquids.”

According to the website, AEMSA’s Core Beliefs are as follows:

➢ We have a responsibility to verify the accuracy of any nicotine content in the products we distribute.
➢ We have a responsibility to verify the accuracy of any nicotine content in the products we distribute.
➢ We have a responsibility to prepare our products in a clean, sanitary and safe environment.
➢ We have a responsibility to ensure our products are packaged and delivered in a safe manner.
➢ We have a responsibility to provide a level of transparency into the monitoring and verification process.

AEMSA estimates that approximately 5 million people worldwide are now using electronic cigarettes, and that number is continually rising. Currently, e-liquids and e-cigarettes are not regulated by government authorities; however, a Court ruling concluded the FDA can regulate and e-cigarettes as tobacco products. To date, the FDA is not regulating e-cigs or e-liquids. AEMSA recognizes the fact that e-liquid contains nicotine but does not agree that e-cigs or e-liquid are tobacco products.

Much scientific testing has been done on e-cigs and e-liquid, the effects of the product on one’s health, and the possibility of effects from second hand vapor. AEMSA supports testing but firmly believes regulations should be set on the e-liquid itself, since it is the substance that is being inhaled and exhaled, and, that e-liquid is in a category all its own.

According to the website, “AEMSA believes e-liquid, as an entirely new consumable product category, requires a new approach to regulation. AEMSA acknowledges the reality that governmental regulation is most likely on the immediate horizon and advocates for reasonable and practical regulation.”

AEMSA was created to regulate the standards of e-liquid and give consumers a degree of confidence in the e-liquid products they are purchasing. AEMSA hopes to be involved by contributing and assisting in any governmental regulations of e-liquids.

AEMSA was created by American e-liquid manufacturers and invites other American e-liquid manufacturers who choose to meet the standards set by AEMSA to join. For more information, visit their website.

Holiday Season E Cigarette Discounts Mon, 10 Dec 2012 15:37:31 +0000 The holiday season is on us again and with it brings some fantastic offers from some of the biggest electronic cigarette brands.

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E-Cigs in the News, 2012 – Part 2 Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:03:26 +0000 In our first article, E-Cigs in the News, 2012 – Part 1, we covered newsworthy stories from January through June of 2012 regarding electronic cigarettes. We continue here with part two, covering e-cig news from July through November of 2012.


In Roanoke, Virginia, Station WDBJ ran a short segment about the use of e-cigs, interviewing clinical lung specialist, Moises Cossio, as well as a user of electronic cigarettes. When the doctor was asked about the safety of the e-cig compared with regular cigarette use, he replied, while making note there are no concrete studies as of yet on the e-cig, that “No question in my mind that whatever a person does as far as nicotine replacement, it’s better than smoking actual cigarettes.” The e-cig user, John Sawyer, noted he has cut his cigarette smoking in half with the use of the e-cigarette.

A report of a vapor coming from a man’s bag on the Megabus Preston to London caused the M6 Toll Road to be shut down and 48 passengers evacuated from the bus, as police with dogs, firefighters and bomb disposal experts searched for a bomb. Passengers were told to sit and not talk to each other while the search was conducted. While the report was true of a vaport, it ended up to be the vapor from a passenger’s electronic cigarette!

A spokeswoman for the force said, “We can now confirm that, whilst this was a genuine security alert, the significant concerns reported to us were unfounded.
“It’s important to state that no criminal offense has been committed and no passenger or any other member of the public is being treated as a suspect.
“We would like to apologize for any inconvenience and hope that the public understand that we have our duty to safeguard public safety.”


The Partnership at, website referred to an important news article found on, which stated that over the next decade, the e-cig could overtake the regular cigarette in consumption, according to Bonnie Herzog, the Managing Director of Beverage, Tobacco & Consumer Research at Wells Fargo Securities, LLC.

An article on the European Society of Cardiology website states that e-cigs do not cause damage to the heart. This is according to research that was presented at the ESC Congress 2012 press conference by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos from Greece. Researchers studied regular smokers’ myocardial function after smoking a cigarette and e-cig users myocardial function after using an e-cigarette device for 7 minutes, using a liquid nicotine concentration of 11mg/ml. According to the article:

“The researchers found that smoking one tobacco cigarette led to significant acute myocardial dysfunction but electronic cigarettes had no acute adverse effects on cardiac function. Smoking a tobacco cigarette had important hemodynamic consequences, with significant increases in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and in heart rate. In contrast, electronic cigarettes produced only a slight elevation in diastolic blood pressure. Dr Farsalinos said: “This is an indication that although nicotine was present in the liquid used (11mg/ml), it is absorbed at a lower rate compared to regular cigarette smoking.”

According to on August 3, Blu Cig held its first Facebook event featuring Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health, where Dr. Siegel answered questions about the safety and use of the electronic cigarette.

According to an article in The Intelligencer, Wheeling News Register, e-cig personal trainer, Lorie McClung, and Smokefree Pennsylvania Executive Director, Bill Godshall, asked the Wheeling-Ohio Health Board to consider not including electronic cigarettes in its proposed expansion of its countywide smoking ban. “After 28 years of smoking … I hated it. I tried everything – gums, patches. … Nothing satisfied it – this does,” McClung said of her craving. “No one else is involved in this, just me. …I’ve been vaping all over the building,” McClung said, referring to the City-County Building where the meeting was held. “There is zero smoke. This vapor is not going anywhere, it’s going into me.” In the end, however, the Board decided to leave the electronic cigarette devices in the ban.


Boston, Massachusetts makes a proposal to ban the use of e-cigs in the workplace, including outdoor areas of restaurants, despite their own Dr. Siegel’s research on the e-cig.

Also in September, the FDA requested to be allowed to regulate non face to face (internet) sales, marketing and advertising of “other” tobacco products, which now includes the electronic cigarette.


The e-cigarette company, Revolver, teamed up with Backstage Artist Lounge, a celebrity merchandising outfit, to introduce musicians, their crew and their fans to the benefits of the electronic cigarette.


Actress Carrie Fisher appeared on the Today Show enjoying an electronic cigarette, which appeared to be Blu Cig.

With more than 650,000 people in the UK using the electronic cigarette, it’s becoming an issue as to whether or not they should be allowed in the workplace, according to an article in BBC News UK. Dr Vivienne Nathanson, head of science and ethics at the British Medical Association, states “They are designed to look like smoking so what they do is they renormalise the concept of smoking, just at a time when we’ve all got used to the fact that smoking in the workplace is not normal nor allowed.” On the other hand, the President of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association says “It should be regarded in exactly the same way as having a cup of coffee on your desk at work. If that is allowed in your workplace, then e-cigarettes should be allowed too.”

In an interview found on the Ashtray Blog, former Winston man, David Goerlitz, tells his beliefs about the tobacco industry, as well as the anti-smoking and e-cig industries. While he mentions he was first excited about the e-cig and its usefulness, he feels that the smokeless cigarettes companies, like the tobacco industry, are consumed with greed, concerned mainly about the number of sales, rather than working to keep the product on the market to help smokers kick the habit. In his words, Goerlitz says there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.


That’s all for now. December has yet to come, so look for our report on December e-cig news in the not so distant future.

Read Part 1? Here it is.

E-Cigs in the News, 2012 – Part 1 Mon, 03 Dec 2012 23:01:03 +0000 The electronic cigarette was invented in China in 2004, and over the past few years has gained worldwide popularity, as well as much controversy. Electronic cigarettes are often in the news today as the argument continues on their safety and usefulness. 

While many see them as a healthier alternative to smoking, there are still those that work to ban the sale of e-cigs, for one reason or another.  Here, you can read about some of the most newsworthy events regarding electronic cigs in the 1st half of 2012.


Effective January 1, 2012, Finland banned the marketing of electronic cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes may still be purchased in Finland, as well as nicotine-free e-cartridges. Nicotine e-cartridges, however, may not be sold.
An article on the medical reference site,, included some positive research on the benefits of e-cigarettes, including statistics from a 6 month study of 40 smokers that found 1/3 of the smokers reduced their tobacco cigarette use by 50% at week 24, and 22% of the smokers had quit smoking regular tobacco altogether in the 24th week of the 6 month study.  The study did note that while quitting regular tobacco smoking, most smokers continued to use the electronic cigarette.

Also in January, Hawaii pushed to classify the electronic cigarette as a regular tobacco product, which is great in that it would prohibit the sale of the e-cig to minors, but not so great in that the e-cig could be placed with a tax as much as 70% of wholesale.


According to a February article found on, there were 2 events in early 2012, one in Colorado and one in Florida, in which an electronic cigarette device exploded in an individual’s face and caused extensive damage. Altogether, there have been 8 incidents such as this, but each involved an electric metal tubemod, or MOD, that used 2 cell batteries. There have been no such reported incidences with the use of single battery units or regular electronic cigarettes. ECF has mentioned previously about the dangers of using MODs.

Also in February, a Continental airline flight returned to the airport when a passenger refused to quit using his electronic cigarette in-flight.  At that time, the FAA had no rules regarding the use of electronic cigarettes during flight. Since then, the FAA determined it’s up to the individual airline to determine if passengers are allowed to use electronic cigarettes.  Continental, by the way, does not allow the use of the e-cig.


According to the website,, a new electronic cigarette called Vaportrim has been introduced and claims to work as a diet aid!  Vaportrim markets their e-cig as a healthy alternative to dessert. According to Vaportrim, what a person tastes actually comes from 75% of what they smell.  In other words, a person’s smell receptors can and do inform the body that it is full!

Therefore, Vaportrim introduced 14 yummy e-cig dessert  flavors, including Peach Cobbler, Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, and Cinnamon Bun, just to name a few.  There may be something to it, because believe it or not, they seem to still be around, or at least their Facebook page is. Although, there was something a while back about some of the flavored e-cigs being banned because they are enticing to children, so not sure how they are getting around this.  

Also in March, the FDA sent letters to several of the e-cigarette companies asking them about customer complaints and any other type of reported incidents with their products. The FDA also asked each company what they currently have in place to report such incidents.


In April, 2012, an article by Drew Hendricks and Brian Clark Howard was posted in National Geographic News regarding the environmental harm of the electronic cigarette versus the conventional cigarette.

Their findings:
•    E-cigs definitely solve the significant trash problem created by the conventional cigarette butt, considering the thousands lining our sidewalks and streets, tossed on the ground by some thoughtless smokers; and the fact that a conventional cigarette butt takes anywhere from 2 ½ to 10 years to decompose!
•    Fewer toxins enter the oceans, caused when conventional cigarette butts enter the storm drains, and eventually, make their way to the oceans, where birds and fish may actually eat them.
•    Electronic cigarettes are eco-friendly, considering most use a rechargeable battery and the device is used over and over again, rather than continuously being replaced.
•    A possible smoking-cessation device for some users, therefore releasing fewer toxins into the air, as more people cease to use conventional cigarettes, which are no doubt full of harmful toxins.

The Daily Mail UK ran an article stating that Lorillard, the makers of Newport and Kent cigarettes, and the United States’ third largest tobacco firm, announced they had acquired Blu Cigs for $135 million, a decision made partly due to the fact Lorillard’s net income fell 10% in the first quarter of 2012. Lorillard earned $223 million in the first quarter of 2012, down from $248 million one year ago. Regarding the acquisition, the North Carolina based e-cig company, Blu Cigs, said in a statement that this sale ‘gives us access to the tremendously experienced team and resources at Lorillard and will allow us to move to the next level on our expansion.’


According to an article in, NHS Fife, an agency that provides health care, has banned the use of the electronic cigarette on their grounds, claiming they pose a fire hazard. A spokeswoman for NHS Fife states there are concerns over the possibility of the battery in the e-cig overheating and exploding. NSF Fife is waiting on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) new safety report, at which time they will review their e-cig policy.


The Washington Post printed an article regarding the popularity of the e-cig with celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan, bringing far more attention to the product, even though they’ve been around for years. Blu Cig is mentioned as a popular choice. Jason Healy, Chief Executive for Blu Cigs, states this popularity is at least in part due to the fact that the blue tip makes it easily recognizable that the Blu Cig user is not using a conventional cigarette.  The blue tip lets a non-smoker know immediately that the user is not smoking a regular cigarette.  The Post article also mentions the release of the new Blu Cigs Smart Pack, which, through social networking, would link Blu users, and also make it easy for users to locate the nearest retailer.


Wow, that’s a lot of news for six months, both good and bad!  Hopefully you found this article both interesting and informative. Look for more news from 2012 in our next article, E-Cigs in the News, 2012 – Part 2.

Green Smoke Starter Kit Offer – Cheapest They Have Ever Been! Sun, 24 Jun 2012 09:55:33 +0000 Green Smoke linited Time offerThis is a going to be a short post to let you know about the latest offer from Green Smoke. Now pay attention because they don’t make starter kits available at this price very often!

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Have You Thought About An Electronic Cigarette As A Fathers Day Gift? Sat, 09 Jun 2012 17:24:27 +0000 Fathers Day is just around the corner, don’t panic if you haven’t bought a gift yet, there is still time! Does your dad smoke? If so then what better way to get him off the cigarettes and on to another alternative that doesn’t contain all the nasty carcinogens! I’m sure you have guessed by now I am talking about electronic cigarettes. It is a great time to buy, whether it be for a gift or not, as many brands put together limited time offers that offer bigger discounts.

Lets take a look at the brands that are offering Fathers Day deals!

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke are offering 15% discount for a limited time on all Deluxe Starter kits (not on Premium), this will finish on the 18th June though so be sure to get in quick if you were considering buying from South Beach.

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Green Smoke

A great kit to get started on from one of the biggest electronic cigarette companies around. Green Smoke is offering the Fathers Day Kit. This includes 2 batteries, 1 USB e cig and 3 packs of cartomizers. THis is a nice package that is available for a limited time for $129.95

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These are the 3 main offers available so even if you are not buying for Fathers Day it is a great time to take advantage of these starter kit offers!

Murray Kessler, CEO of Lorillard Tobacco Speaks About Their Purchase Of Blu Cigs Wed, 23 May 2012 15:24:15 +0000 In the past few weeks the news of Blucigs acquisition by Lorillard for $135 million has been the talking point of of the electronic cigarette community.

There has been limited said, officially, about the buy out until now. Ecigadvanced got the opportunity to talk to Murray Kessler about why they entered the e cigarette market and what their plans are.

The interview can be seen here.

Key Takeaways from the interview

– They carried out a lot of research before entering the market and were impressed with the quality controls that were in place at Blu Cigs

– They see e cigarettes being a huge industry

– Regulation is coming for e cigarettes and they will look to add to the quality control process

– They want to regulate nicotine content, batteries, e-liquid production and have a transparent product

– They want to increase the availability of Blu Cigs in the retail marketplace and have invested heavily in this

– They don’t want to change the product

– They don’t want to shut down the product or stunt its growth

– They are looking to work closely with the FDA

– Has worries over State regulations and wants to improve education at state level about e cigarettes

– Won’t be making health claims

– Sees e cigarettes as the best form of smokeless cigarettes

– Would like to see Blu Cigs move away from the ‘cigarette lookalike’ product

– Sees massive technological improvements over the next few years

So, all is looking very positive!

Let us know what your take on this interview is, would love to hear your views!


Electronic Cigarette Buying Guide – All You Need To Know To Get Started Thu, 05 Apr 2012 16:59:45 +0000 If you have reached this page then chances are your head is a little messed up with all the e cig choices and the 5 hours you have just spent trying to decide which one to buy has not left you any the wiser!
I was in pretty much the same position a couple of years ago and there wasn’t half the choice of smokeless cigarettes that there is now! Anyway, don’t worry too much it is all a lot simpler than you may think.


E-Cig Buying GuideOk, take a step back and a deep breath! What is the most important feature you want with your e cigarette? The reason I ask this question is because as it stands there is no single brand that can offer you everything (some are close), so based on your answer to that question you can start to narrow things down!

Is the cost the main issue? Maybe the look and feel of the e cig? Or possibly the flavors? Hands up who said yes to all of them! Ok… this is going to be harder than I thought!

Let’s break it down a little.


e cig sizesWhen I first started vaping I was using my e cig in bars and out and about in public. For this reason I wanted something that didn’t look like a 4×4 relay baton! I was happy vaping away without drawing attention to myself.

Luckily this is one area that has been addressed by the majority of brands. One thing to keep in mind though, the smaller the battery, the shorter the life of the battery and the more you will find yourself having to charge. Performance can also be an issue with micro batteries or mini’s as they are also known as.

Brands that produce smaller batteries:

The Safe Cig
Green Smoke
V2 Cigs
South Beach Smoke

Look & Feel – A Realistic Looking Electronic Cigarette?

realistic ooking e-cig

Again when it comes to the look and feel of an e cigarette there are a few different options. All the e cigs we have reviewed (apart from Vapor King) use a two piece design consisting of a battery and a cartomizer.

Some brands have gone down the route of keeping the look and feel as close to the real thing as they can. As an example Safe Cig and Green Smoke have made their batteries with the rings you find on the body of a cigarette, they have also kept the same filter color for their cartomizers. Some brands will also offer a choice of color for the tip; they usually light up red, orange, green or blue.

Other brands, notably V2 Cigs and Vapor King, give the customer the option to choose from a number of coloured batteries.

E cigs that have the appearance of a real cigarette:

Green Smoke
The Safe Cig
South Beach Smoke

E Cigs That Allow Customization:

V2 Cigs

Battery Type

manual e cig batteryManual or automatic? The difference between the two is that the manual battery has a button on the side that you press to activate the battery which in turn heats the liquid in the cartomizer. The automatic has a sensor that detects when you take a drag on the e cig, this in turn activates the battery to heat the liquid, all you have to do on these is puff.

I have used both and still do today, for me I get a slightly better performance out of the manual battery. You do not have to take any primer puffs and thereby get a better vapour volume straight off. So if vapor volume is something you want to maximize then consider the manual battery.

Brands that produce automatic batteries:

Green Smoke
V2 Cigs
Vapor King
Safe Cig
South Beach Smoke

Brands that produce manual batteries:

V2 Cigs
Vapor King

2 Piece or 3?

A lot of brands have moved away from the original 3 piece design onto the 2 piece but that’s not to say the 3 piece is not a good option. The difference between the two is as follows:

The 2 piece

2-piece e cigarette

This design comes with 2 components, the cartomizer and the battery. The atomizer is built into the cartomizer so you get a new one every time you screw a new cartomizer in. The benefits of this are that you don’t have to buy replacement atomizers separately or worry about the atomizer performance. The 2 piece simplifies the use of the electronic cigarette, especially for beginners and those not interested in filling their own cartridges.

Brands that use 2 piece designs:

V2 Cigs
Green Smoke
South Beach Smoke

The 3 Piece

3 piece e cigarette

This design has (obviously) 3 components. The cartridge, the atomizer and battery. The cartridge slots into the atomizer which in turn screws into the battery.

The benefits of the 3 piece are that the quality of the atomizers are better and are relatively cheap considering they can be used many times, cartridges with 3 piece kits tend to use refillable ones (not always the case) which are cheaper than buying the disposable ones that are used with the 2 piece.

Brands using 3 piece design:

Vapor King

Flavors & Strength – Tobacco Your Thing? Or Do you Fancy Vaping Waffle!

Electronic cigarette Flavors

Think of a flavour…. The likelihood is it will be available to vape! Ok, within reason but what I am trying to get at is that the flavors produced by different electronic cigarette brands really does vary and yes, I vaped waffle and I liked it.

You can choose from cherry, chocolate, mint, coffee; the list goes on and on. This could be one of the most important areas for many, if you don’t like the taste you will not like the e cig!

The quality of the flavors can vary, some companies do good tobacco flavors but their other flavour selection can be limited whereas it is the other way round for others. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that flavors really are a personal preference.

Ultimately your choice of flavour is going to determine the brand you go for.

The next thing is something al brands offer and that is the nicotine content. You will be able to choose (in most cases) from zero nicotine, ultra light, light, strong, very strong. They will be called different things by different brands but the options will be there.

From what I have used I will say that the good tobacco flavour brands are:

Green Smoke
V2 Cigs
Vapor King

For the flavors then the following brands do a great job:

V2 Cigs (can use refillable cartridges and your own e-liquid flavour choice if you choose)
Vapor King (can use refillable cartridges and your own e-liquid flavor choice if you choose)

Vapor – We All Want A Good Vapor Volume Right?

e cig vaporThis is an important step in choosing the best e cigarette, most want an experience that is similar to smoking and this is one of the best ways to get that feeling. The thickness of the vapour can be affected by battery quality as well as the quality of the e-liquids so all these things need to be very good.

Electronic cigarette brands that have produced good vapour:

V2 Cigs
Green Smoke
Vapor King


Build quality

smokeless cigarette build qualityDo the different components fit together well? Do the materials used feel quality as if they will stand the rigors of everyday use? Does it feel good when you are holding it? Would you be embarrassed to get it out in public?!

I have only come across one brand that was truly awful in this department, I won’t name names, you need to keep focused remember! What I will say though is that it is none of the brands reviewed on this website, they are all of a decent build quality.

Warranty & Returns – Can You Send The E Cigarette Back If You Don’t Like It?

This differs for all companies so I can only advise that you check each brand individually. There are brands that allow you to try the e cig and return it if you are not happy with it, whereas other brands only allow a return if you send back the product unused.

Warranties should also be considered, if you have a problem in a few months’ time will they replace the faulty part? Be sure to check!


As the old saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’, in e cig terms this is not always true. The price of different brands can differ a great deal, this is due to many different factors such as whether the brands develop their own products and if they are always improving the products they have? Is the customer service team good and always on hand to answer any question you may have (before and after purchase)?

Is the actual product a good quality, all products can have defects no matter who they are, these things happen, but it also how brands deal with the problems that can make a difference. Not saying you will have a problem, just better to cover all bases.

If at all possible try not to buy on price, I know it is easier said than done sometimes. Try and choose a brand based on your requirements and then decide if the price is good for you. This way you are not swayed by the numbers, in the long run you will better off doing it like this or you may find yourself having to buy another e cig brand when you realize the $20 kit you bought is crap.

To Summarize!

Hopefully by now you are clear on what you want from a smokeless cigarette, or at least what you should be looking for, maybe you have even shortlisted a couple of brands? If you have managed to narrow it down to a couple, well done! You are getting there!

If not then don’t worry too much, maybe you need a little nudge! Take a look at the top brands as voted for by actual users, read their comments take it all in! If you have any questions please ask, I will do my best to answer them. You can either leave a comment here or send me an email

If you are still struggling then my recommendation would be to take a closer look at V2 Cigs. The reason for this is that they are one of the few brands that appear in most of the above features to look out for. Without me going into detail about V2 and repeating myself its best you check out our V2 Cigs review that can be found here.

One thing is for sure you won’t regret swapping the smokes for electronic cigarettes!

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Smokeless Cigarettes – Are They Being Encouraged by the ‘Nudge Unit’? Sun, 18 Dec 2011 14:37:30 +0000 smokeless cigarettes and the nudge unitThe “nudge unit”, formally known as the Behavioural Insight Team, is led by David Halpern in the Cabinet Office. Despite the fact that many countries have banned the use of smokeless cigarettes that contain nicotine, the unit is encouraging the use of these products in an effort to reduce the number of deaths in the UK caused by smoking and smoking-related illnesses.  

The “nudge unit” is based on the theory that laziness and bad choices are a lot of what makes people human. Therefore, instead of telling or urging people to make healthy choices, politicians must make it easier to make the right choice. Because the “quit or die” advice to smokers has proved ineffective, the unit feels that the electronic cigarette could help those who otherwise would never give up smoking, regardless what they have been told about the dangers.   Each year, 80,000 people die in the UK from diseases caused by smoking, and the unit feels the use of e-cigs, over time, could prevent millions of deaths.

The 1st Annual Report, published in September, encourages the use of this electronic cigarette device that delivers nicotine, but not the toxins and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke. A statement in the report reads, “A canon of behaviour change is that it is much easier to substitute a similar behaviour than to extinguish an entrenched habit …If alternative and safe nicotine products can be developed which are attractive enough to substitute people away from traditional cigarettes, they could have the potential to save 10,000s of lives a year.”

There are many other alternative smoking products on the market, such as snuff-like Snus, and smokeless tobacco, but these products are illegal in the U.K. Smokeless cigarettes are illegal in certain countries, such as Canada, Australia, Brazil and others, because tests have not been done on the side-effects of these products. Researchers, however, advised the nudge unit that the nicotine in the e-cig is comparable to the harmfulness of caffeine in coffee. A spokesperson for the unit stated that while many countries are working hard to ban the use of the electronic cigarette, they feel it is a mistake to do so.

The professor of epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, John Britton, stated that there are three or four other smoking simulator devices in the works, but companies fear they will be as tightly controlled as prescription drugs. Britton stated this is because “If a manufacturer makes a health claim for anything then it becomes a drug, and drugs have to be regulated with tight controls.” While other nicotine replacement therapy devices are sold as drugs, the electronic cigarette makes no health claims, and therefore, cannot be classified as a drug.

The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is considering the approval of electronic cigarette use.  If they are approved, the nudge unit will more than likely push to have them sold in stores next to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and sold at a cheaper price.

Halpern pointed out that people often resist ideas at first, but accept them, when explained i.e., seat belt laws.  He stated “A year in, we’re much more confident about how well this can work, and the early trials have also made us much more confident about public acceptability. There’s no doubt it can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds.”