E lites Coupon Code

E-Lites Coupon Code

The E-Lites e cigarette is a new addition to the US marketplace but has been receiving great reviews as one of the top e cig brands available in the UK. Use the coupon below to claim free delivery anywhere in the USA.
E-Lites Coupon Code

E-Lites Coupon Code

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Overview Of The E-Lites Electronic Cigarette

E-Lites electronic cigarettes contain no tar, there’s no second hand smoke and there’s no fire. They are legal in many places traditional tobacco cigarettes are banned, and therefore, they are an excellent alternative to smoking. They are even designed to look look a traditional cigarette and traditional cigarette pack.

Are E-Lites Expensive?

E-Lites will save you approximately 70% over the cost of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

How Much Do The E-Lites Starter Kits Cost?

elites epro4 starter kitThere are several starter kits available, ranging from $39.99 to $99.99. The E-80 starter kit is the equivalent of 80 cigarettes, and includes a USB charger and a rechargeable G9 battery. They also offers the E40 Disposable 5 pack for $59.99, the E-Gar (a disposable electronic cigar) for $16.99, and E-Gar 5 pack for $74.99. Enter the E-Lites coupon code that can be found above when placing your order.

Want to find out more about the actual product then be sure to check out our E-Lites review.

What Strengths and Flavors Are Available?

E-Lites offers 3 different electronic cartridges, including:

Reds – regular strength, 2.4 percent nicotine
Golds – light strength, 1.6 percent nicotine
Greens – menthol, 1.6 percent nicotine

Customer Service

E-Lites website includes an 800 number and also a Contact Us link, should you have questions or problems.

Warranty Information

E-Lites E-pack, wall chargers, USB charges and car charges are warranted for 12 months and will either be repaired or replaced up to 3 times. The warranty is for normal use of the product and does not apply to misuse of the product. The G9 batteries are covered for 6 months, as they are considered a consumable product. Replacements after 6 months can be ordered online.


Shipping time to the U.S. is stated at the time of delivery. Orders to the United States are shipped via USPS. Orders to the UK are shipped from the UK website.


If you’re looking for a cheaper and healthier alternative to smoking, give E-Lites a try. Remember to enter the E-Lites coupon code when ordering!

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