Do Electronic Cigarettes Taste Like Real Cigarettes?

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Many cigarette smokers shun trying electronic cigarettes because they believe they won’t taste like a real cigarette. However, the electronic cigarette is designed not only to look, but also to taste like a real cigarette, thus being a real alternative to cigarette smoking. Of course, some brands of electronic cigarettes are better than others in regards to taste, but of course, it’s really all just a matter of taste (no pun intended).

Some producers of the electronic cigarette have attempted to mimic traditional cigarette flavors, while other electronic cigarette manufacturers have gone with a wide assortment of flavors not found in typical tobacco cigarettes. Many electronic cigarettes come in a variety of strengths from zero (with no nicotine added) to ultra-light, light and full flavor.

Traditional tobacco flavor and menthol flavor are available with almost all electronic cigarettes, and many electronic cigarette manufacturers have added flavors such as cherry, mocha, fruit, vanilla, strawberry, apple, coffee, blackberry, and other, more exotic flavors.

It is thought that some smokers may be more willing to give up traditional cigarettes if they can enjoy an electronic cigarette in a yummy flavor such as cherry. There are many smokers today that actually do not enjoy the taste of a tobacco cigarette, yet their addiction to nicotine keeps them smoking.

These people often try electronic cigarettes in delicious flavors and can easily give up smoking because they prefer the flavor, and they are able to get the nicotine they crave from the electronic cigarette.

Because laws specifically state smokeless cigarettes should not be targeted towards children, many electronic cigarette companies are choosing to stay away from flavors such as chocolate or bubble gum. Some electronic cigarette manufacturers have come up with clever names for the various flavors that would in no way target children. Examples of these flavor names include Turkish, Columbia, Moroccan, Brazilian Royale and Madrid.

The electronic cigarette is amazingly close to the real thing, and polls show that users consider it as much as 90-95% similar. If the traditional cigarette smoker gives the electronic cigarette a fair chance, it is highly likely that it will ruin his desire to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes. Once accustomed to the taste of the electronic cigarette, the traditional cigarette may leave a bad taste in one’s mouth – again no pun intended. Of course, losing the craving for the taste of traditional cigarettes is a good thing, since the electronic cigarette contains no tar, harmful carcinogens, and other chemicals, and there is no harmful second-hand smoke.


So, does the electronic cigarette taste like a real cigarette? Well, the answer is yes, and no. Yes, there are traditional tobacco and menthol flavors and many taste very much like a traditional tobacco cigarette. Some manufactures’ tobacco and menthol flavors taste better, or more real, than others. And no, they don’t taste like real cigarettes – they taste even better. Why? Because there are no added chemicals, no harsh taste, and there are a variety of flavors that many people enjoy more than the taste of traditional tobacco.


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4 Reviews to “Do Electronic Cigarettes Taste Like Real Cigarettes?”

  1. Silky1 says:

    They are different you can bet on that. I have just started using them and haven’t quite gotten used to them,but they seem to be a good alternative for a person trying to quit smoking.

  2. Max says:

    If you can assure me that at least one of your e-cigarettes taste like a light cigarette, non menthol, I would surely be interested. Max

  3. stratman says:

    I have tried different kinds of e cigs because quite frankly, I love to smoke. I know its bad for me so I have been looking for a better alternative. So far, the best one i have tried so far is eGo-T with the flavor “Seven Leaves” from Liberty Smoke. It doesn’t taste quite the same but pretty close. Been a smoker for 12 years and am not a e cig seller. I smoked camel 99s full-flavor non-menthol. For someone wanting to give it a try and smokes around a pack a day, I recommend 24mg Liberty Smoke “Seven Leaves”.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Thanks for the feedback!No, the LED light does not flash on the end of the barttey to let you know it is fully charged. You will see the light on the actual usb charger change colors. It’s red when you plug it in (and the barttey’s LED tip does flash here while it’s synching up with the charger) , but when it’s charged, it changes to blue (or green) sorry, so many kits and chargers I can’t remember off hand.And no, stronger nicotine does NOT mean stronger flavors. Flavor is separate.

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