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Another brand of e cigarette that has received positive reviews. Blu Cigs update their product to keep up with the latest advancements that become available.


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Overview Of Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs are made in the USA and are one of the best electronic cigarette products on the market today. The company continues to make their product even better, recently changing to a longer life battery and cartridges that give 50 more puffs on average than the previous cartridges. They have just recently launched a new Smart Pack.

This Smart Pack alerts you of other e-cig smokers within 50 feet of you. And just recently, Blu Cigs have added two new cartridge flavors.

What Flavors Are Available With Blu Cigs?

Blu Cigs are available in several flavors, including:

Classic Tobacco
Java Jolt
Magnificent Menthol
Vivid Vanilla
Cherry Crush
Pina Colada (New)
Peach Schanpps (New)

Where Can I Buy Blu Cigs?

Blu cigs are available at 10,000 retail locations in the United States, and are also sold online. Be sure to use the Blu Cigs coupon code when placing your online order.

What Cartridge Strengths Are Available?

➢ Non nicotine (0 mg)
➢ Ultra light (8 mg)
➢ Light (12 mg)
➢ Full flavor (16 mg)

What Comes In The Blu Cigs Starter Kit?

There are 3 starter kits, and each are available in either black or white:

2 e-cig batteries
1 wall charger
1 USB charger
1 pack to hold your e-cig and charge battery
1 full flavored strength variety pack of cartridges (2 Classic Tobacco, 1 Java Jolt, 1 Magnifcent Menthol and 1 Cherry Crush)

2 blu batteries
1 blu USB charger
1 five pack cartridges (you choose flavor and strength)
1 blu Premium e-cig pack

Premium 100
1 blu Premium 100 e-cig pack
2 blu e-cig batteries
1 blu USB wall charger
1 wall charger
1 5-pack cartridges, your choice of strength and flavor

Where Are Blu Cigs Shipped To?

Blu can be shipped to any U.S. mailing address. Delivery options are FedEx or UPS, and orders are processed within two days of ordering. Details and rules regarding shipment to other countries are explained on the website.

Money Back Guarantee

Blu Cigs comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (for USA online orders only) if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason whatsoever.

Warranty Information

There is a one year warranty one year from the purchase date. If a product is defective, return it for a refund. Warranty is subject to normal use, and valid only in the United States.


Why not give Blu Cigs a try? Be sure to use the Blu Cigs Coupon Code when placing your order.

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