Here at Smokeless Cigarette Deals i have around 20 years of cigarette smoking under my belt (real cigs). Now i know, thats nothing to be proud of! But it did lead me to find a way to cut back and try and quit. I tried nicotine patches, cold turkey and even hypnotherapy but it wasn’t until i tried electronic cigarettes that we stopped smoking ‘real’ cigarettes altogether! (Now one thing i have to say here is that i am not saying they are a smoking cessation device, i am purely reporting on my experiences so take them as you may!)

That was 9 months ago for me and aside from saving a lot of money i’m really feeling the benefits of cutting out the smokes. So here we are today, i have settled on using both Green Smoke and The Safe Cig and i am trying to help spread the word of the smokeless cigarette! I would urge all smokers to just give e cigs a try and judge for yourself! It shouldn’t be long until i have stopped my nicotine intake altogether.

Take a look around the site and anything you need to know just send us a quick email.

All the best

Jonny & Rachel

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