14 Benefits of Switching to an Electronic Cigarette

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While our parents might not have known the dangers of smoking, today it’s a well-known fact that smoking is hazardous not only to our health, but those around us. Luckily, the electronic cigarette, a new safe alternative to smoking, has arrived.

Benefits of the Smokeless Cigarette

The benefits of the smokeless cigarette are many, including:

1. There is no dangerous second-hand smoke, so you are not putting other people’s health in jeopardy.
2. There is no reason to carry (or purchase) matches or a lighter, since the electronic cigarette doesn’t require lighting.
3. You won’t have nasty tobacco stains on your teeth or hands.
4. Since the smokeless cigarette does not requiring lighting, there’s no fire hazard, even if you should fall asleep.
5. There are no messy ashes to contend with, and you will never need an ashtray.
6. There is significant cost savings with the smokeless cigarette. You can purchase a kit, which includes cartridges, batteries and a charger for around $50 to $100.00. Most kits come with several cartridges, and most cartridges are equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.
7. You won’t be making constant trips to the store to purchase a pack of cigarettes, which will also save you money on gasoline.
8. Many brands also have the option of purchasing “e-juice”, which is nicotine or flavoring, to fill the cartridges that came with your kit, to save even more money.
9. You’ll find your productivity at work increases because you won’t be off on a smoke break, and you won’t be sitting at your desk unable to concentrate because you want to have a cigarette. Your non-smoking co-workers will finally gain respect for you.
10. The smokeless cigarette drastically reduces health risks because you are not inhaling all those carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes into the lungs.
11. You can “light” up almost anywhere that traditional tobacco products are banned, such as airports, clubs, restaurants, concert halls, office buildings, on the bus, in the taxi, on the subway and many more places.
12. You will no longer smell like smoke, and neither will your home, car, clothing, or anything else.
13. You won’t hear the rude comments and get dirty looks from non-smokers.
14. You’ll find that your breathing will improve and you’ll be able to participate in physical activities once again.


The smokeless cigarette is continually gaining in popularity, as it is a safer alternative to smoking. If you find you can’t completely give up the smoking, the smokeless cigarette may be the answer for you, and it has been found to have many benefits.
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